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Freeze up! Meet the coffee family

Taiwan Travel TTNews Reporter / Li Chuan-Gui, Taichung, Taiwan reported

Soaring oil prices in recent days, resulting in domestic prices are answered Qi Zhang Cooking oil, tea, fine, milk powder, shampoo, cold storage, triple coffee, have announced price increases, even domestic air tickets may also be follow-up.

In recent years, fast-growing European customer guy parity chain of coffee shops, because the home has a coffee farm in Laos, consistent operating production lines, store coffee homegrown storm wave of price hikes, not only freeze up, but also introduced a number of concessions charcoal roasted by hand now bulbs Arabica iced coffee cup as long as 10 yuan, according to the the Kendari quality coffee beans to 500 yuan / half a pound 2012/4/9 4/15 (50%), 2012/4/16 4/22 Rwanda Sacof Cooperative cooperatives coffee beans 800 yuan / half a pound (50%), 2012/4/23 ~ 4/30, 90 points Tuke Tan beans 1100 yuan / half a pound (50%) more than limited membership more handmade fresh cheese original price $ 40, 4/9 4/30 early adopters price of 28 yuan.

The province has 18 Europe-off guy coffee farm boss said Wang Xinjun, drink coffee, inadvertent contact with to Laos Bo Luofen highland coffee, stunning quality, has dozens of inspection of the farm and finally in the local the establishment of Europe-off guy coffee farms, to become the first overseas-owned 200 hectares of coffee farms own brand of coffee.

Wang Xinjun, together with their own traders can purchase their own coffee raw materials can be the most reasonable circumstances. From the production, packaging, extraction, grinding the coffee has been operating to at this time can still be launched like 10 yuan of the second cup of the carbon baking hand-iced coffee and imported boutique coffee beans to half price, as well as freshly cooked cheese dessert can 30% discount. Because coffee has become a daily essential drinks most people, he hoped that the norm of the launch of the offer, so that more people feel the goodness of coffee. (Photo / Lee Chuan-Yan)


Source: Taiwan Travel



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