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NT.15 yuan a good coffee ‧ suck 10 million turnover

Wang Xinjun, 32-year-old, 17-year-old to work from 7-ELEVEn, night shift clerk, worked as communications equipment wholesale trade in imports of plastic raw materials, but also canned coffee beans suppliers, now 15 years later, he is the one in Laos has a 58 hectares of coffee farms, the boss of the 19 chain of coffee shops "Europe-off guy coffee farms.

European passenger guys in Taichung coffee farms Taiyuan headquarters, there is no visible signs, there is no well-known chain brand. Less than three years time, Europe-off guy coffee farms from the turnover of 100 million years when the venture, and now has grown to annual revenues of $ 40 million chain of coffee shops.

In 2005, Wang Xinjun fully understand the coffee, his career was mainly imports of plastic raw materials wholesale trade, often to go abroad to discuss business, came into contact with the coffee market, is completely unexpected episode.

Taiwan manufacturers want to develop canned coffee drinks, relations asked him to go abroad, be able to help with the Vietnamese coffee beans back in Vietnam, Wang Xinjun buy after, there are fish in Laos friends introduce him to recognize coffee in Laos bean industry, took the Laos coffee beans to him, Wang Xinjun put both of them back to Taiwan.

Testers Laos coffee drink, very amazing, they feel that the coffee is so cheap, how so tasty? "Originally wanted to adopt a Vietnamese coffee as a raw material manufacturers, took a fancy to the contrary, Wang Xinjun at the same time back to the Laos coffee beans, and Wang Xinjun signed by his regular supply of drinks required coffee beans. In this way, Wang Xinjun transformed into a supplier of coffee beans.

There is a good sign of the first test coffee business, raising his appetite, alertness, because who can import Laos coffee beans, long-term business, only to establish their own brand, to be able to secure market can not easily be replaced.

Wang Xinjun find the two shareholders in 2007 with investment in coffee, three people smashed a total of one million U.S. dollars, an investment company set up in Laos, with 200 hectares of agricultural land can be developed, but the development of the coffee farms, but not Wang Xinjun so . In 2008, planted the first batch of coffee a total failure in 2009 to ask for advice professionals, from scratch, planting, successful development of 58 hectares. But the profits of sales of raw beans are far lower than expected, Wang Xinjun said: "gross margin of about 5% to 10% only funds but also a large drop in price and the international market, but also my own clutch.

After much thought, want to increase the added value, only to shop this way, therefore Wangxin Jun decided to return to Taiwan in 2009, selected in their own familiar Taichung Taiyuan, opened its first store.

Wang Xinjun confident of the quality of their own coffee beans, but he found the light with the "talk", it is difficult to gain the trust of the people, why not simply allow their guests to experience what is good coffee shop a month later, the Europe-off guy stores began selling the now coffee and a cup of selling only 15 yuan.

Wang Xinjun customers rely on quality service selling coffee commodity business model, other coffee shops is difficult to imitate, because the general coffee shop as he was able to grasp the "unity of production and marketing, vertical integration into the $ 15 coffee. Wang Xinjun said: "We have one of the advantages of production and marketing, and easier to grasp the quality of the coffee."

Let into the store while guests willing to shell out more money for consumption, Wang Xinjun the concept of "service first, quality second, professional". He believes that the general coffee shop too much emphasis on the professional first, but easy to ignore the guests feelings and thoughts, focus on quality with the professionalism of business can not be ignored, but the services sector the most important core will always be guests feel.

"Smart Inv Monthly: Yang Nian-zhen

Source: Yahoo! YAHOO News


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