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production and marketing one of the Europe-off guy coffee

Commercial Times, Arthur (travel)]

With coffee farm in Laos, the Europe-off man International Ltd., since sales to the origin, the advantage of direct, one after another to show in Taichung, New Taipei City and Hsinchu, has a total of 15 outlets, and coffee beans baked beans, raw materials, equipment and other related raw material supply, recently participated in 2012 excellent manufacturers of consumer satisfaction Golden Quality Award and consumer public information promoting a series of activities, assessed by the Jury of the General Assembly unanimously adopted, was awarded the "2012 consumer Satisfaction Golden Quality Award" honors.

Europe-off guys coffee, general manager Wang Xinjun said the company Jufan coffee cultivation, harvesting, baking, etc full control of the tool to expand the coffee pathway.

Coffee OKLAO AirPlus coffee lovers, recently has retail outlets also held a number of promotional activities and provide on-site hand-brewed specialty coffee buy one get one free promotions, welcome coffee lovers can go to various outlets within OKLAO savoring!

Source: Yahoo! YAHOO News

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