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Europe-off guy coffee contrarian ‧ frozen up to grab the opportunities

(Central News Agency reporter Hao Xueqing Taichung, on the 8th)

Hike of oil prices, other prices also rose in a rise in the price, the Taichung City coffee industry contrarian, not only freeze up, also played 2 cups long as NT $ 10 million; a well-known coffee chain on the 9th and baking bread. dishing out 15% discount.

Taiwan has 18 coffee farms chain industry Wang Xinjun said that because the home has a coffee farm in Laos, consistent operating production lines, store coffee production for sale, in this wave of price increases effect, not only to freeze up, but also to reposition itself promotions, hand soak 2 cups of Arabica ice coffee as long as 10 yuan now, boutique coffee beans also play half-price concessions, there is now a cheese dessert as long as 70%.

85 degrees C chain of coffee shops, facing rising pressure on raw materials, but will continue to hold, there is no price increase plan the upcoming Mother's Day, not only introduced the affordable theme cakes, add more additional benefits. 1010408

(Central News Agency reporter Hao Xueqing photo April 8, 101 years)

Source: Yahoo! YAHOO News

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