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2006 – established Oklao Coffee Farms in Laos and was the only coffee trader focusing on coffee supplies to provide customers around the world with raw coffee beans.
2006 – Oklao decided to start producing its own raw coffee beans and established “Oklao Processing Factory”.  
2009 – grew typical coffee at a coffee farm occupying an area of 50.8 hectares.  
2009 – established distribution channels in Taiwan, and now, Oklao is set to provide a streamlined service that includes the entire supply process: farm -> raw coffee bean factory ->coffee roasting plant -> store.
2009 – established Taichung – Taiyuan, the first Oklao store in Taiwan.  
2010 – established Oklao Bakery and service spirit was represented by the slogans: "hand-made and sophisticated production" and "insist on the highest quality only”.  
2010 – awarded National Excellent Commodity Gold Medal by Republic of China Consumers Association.  
2011 – opened 19 stores (including both chain stores and franchise stores) and developed bakery products -> Oklao Filter Drop Coffee Bag.  
2011 – NTD$15 coffee was favorably reviewed by consumers and widely reported by media.  
2012 – awarded Consumer Satisfaction Gold Product Award.  
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